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AutoCAD Drawing Aids

Reinventing drawing methods was a challenging method of developing CAD in the 60s when the process first began. The digital transition is the main cause of confusion and anxiety for those who are new to the field.

It’s an overall principle that drawing on paper is possible for 2D similar to sculpture , or something similar to 3D.


We require the grid for drawing. This CAD setting is not included in the initial versions.

Orthogonal Drawing Mode

This drawing mode is utilized to assist you. It restricts the drawing you make to vertical and horizontal lines. It is possible to check straightness of your drawings without needing to zoom into.

Polar Tracking

Polar tracking occurs when lines are drawn by using templates for polar coordinates. This mode expands the capabilities of the default mode.


The AutoCAD tools, as well as drawing aids, were designed to allow the revit to emulate traditional drawing techniques. These revit are the fundamental features of AutoCAD. Keep practicing and looking for new AutoCAD capabilities.